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The office WP | ARC was independently founded in 2008 by former employees of the office of Dipl. Ing. Architect Heinz Wilke + Partner Hannover / Düsseldorf and Hamburg
of 1954, and the succeeding office.

From these roots, the core competences of our team are developing and they can exhibit national and international references.

WP | ARC focuses on the main points of a traditional design field of traffic and exhibition buildings:

- Airports and airport terminals (VVO, HAJ, KLF, HHN)

- Stations for railways / subways / rail cargo and logistic (Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg)

- Air cargo and cargo buildings (HAJ, DHL, VW)

- Fair and conference buildings (Nanxu)

- Car dealerships (Mercedes-Benz)

- Hotels (Nanxu)