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  • Subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee WHL

    The reconstruction project for the connection of subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee and Wehrhahn line (level A). The development of Concept Design, Design Development, Technical Development, Bidding. The scope of work consist of integration of haptic navigation system, replacement of counter ceiling, development of new lighting system concept in cooperation with Bartenbach, Aldrans (Austria), reconstruction of staircases.
  • TPU Moscow

    Within the development of Moscow transportation system, WP I ARC and “ASSMAN beraten + planen” prepared a Concept Design and feasibility study on the creation of 9 intermodal transportation hubs (TPU) based on the existing railway station (RZD): ·         Degunino ·         Grazhdanskaya ·         Kunzevskaya ·         Matveevskaya ·         Moskvorechiye ·         Ochakovo ·         Setun ·         Skolkovo ·        …
  • Subway station Mainstation (DHB)

    The development of Construction Documents and Bidding for the improvement of Dusseldorf Central subway station in cooperation with bureau APB (Mühlheim) The focus of the project is on the following technical aspects: ·         The integration of the haptic navigation system with complete replacement of floors on the platform and adjacent areas ·         The replacement of…
  • Metro station — Terekhovo(Moscou) — Competition

    The planned Terekhovo subway station is located on the loop of the Moscow River. The area has a suburban character and historical background while spatially it belongs to one of the Moscow districts Khoroshevo-Mnevniki. Due to the expected increase in population density the construction of the new subway station of Big Circle Line is planned…
  • Subway station Kleverstraße (Kvs)

    Planning of the fireprevention at Subway station Kleverstraße (Kvs)

  • Subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee

    The reconstruction project of Heinrich-Heine-Allee in cooperation with APB Architekten, Mühlheim. The focus of the project is on the following technical aspects: ·         The reconstruction and modernization of fire prevention system for the entire station including technical facilities and engineering systems collector; ·         The integration of the haptic navigation system ·         The reconstruction of the…

  • Railway station Kaliningrad — Reconstruction/ Modernization

    Reconstruction and modernization of architectural heritage; Urban planning concept; Railway station and concourse canopies; The functional concept of passengers flows optimization both inside the building and landside area; Project and technical proposals on the train shed and roof reconstruction; The analysis of existing commercial areas and project proposal on new commercial zones.
  • Subway station Nordstrasse (NOS), Düsseldorf

    Design, Technical Design, Bidding, reconstruction of the fire prevention system, reconstruction of the ceiling, modernization of haptic navigation system, and elevators.
  • Railway station „AEROEXPRESS“ International airport Pulkovoo

    The new «Aeroexpress» station in Pulkovo international airport. Parameters: ·         3-track railway station/ 2 platforms ·         Service and commercial areas on the 1st level ·         Skywalk to the parking/ terminal ·         Administrative office areas ·         Conference and office center ·         The organization of access roads for delivery and logistics Feasibility study Concept Design Consulting