Khabarovsk airport (KHV)

WP I ARC won the competition on the Concept Design for the new Khabarovsk international airport terminal complex in 2013.

The preliminary concept proposed the unique terminal for both international and domestic passengers. Over the course of project development, the decision was made to split the construction into two phases: the domestic terminal with the capacity of 1200 pass/ hour and the international terminal with the capacity of 700 pass/ hour.

As a result of long-term cooperation with Khabarovsk airport, WP I ARC developed an architectural-functional concept for the new terminal of 26 000 m2 as well as Design Development phase, the interiors of public, VIP- and business halls. The opening of the terminal is scheduled for summer 2019.

The character of architecture from the landside area perspective forms through the curved canopy contour inspired by the „Amour wave“ metaphor. The same motive can be found in the curved roof section and many other interior elements. The ceilings also have a local curved shape. The terminal has four ground levels, connected with the arrival/ departure hall. The lighting is provided with rooflights oriented along the cover. The balanced architectural form corresponds to the functional organization and logic.