Saratov airport (RTW) – architect./functional concept – competition

With a predesign study WP | ARC participated in a competition for the architectural solution for a
new terminal at the airport Saratov in RF.

WP I ARC designed a terminal building for the national und international air traffic. The building
has four passenger boarding bridges. A plaza with office buildings, located in front of the
main station, commercial facilities, and a pedestrial connection between the airport and the future
main station are part of the design.

The functional concept given by the client has been changed and optimized based on the results
of the calculations done by WP | ARC.

As a supporting structure a system of suspended wooden girders has been proposed. In the
groundplan the girders form three rows of rhombuses. The substructure for the façade of the
elevations of the landside drive and the airside are made of wood as well. Together the wooden
substructure and the wooden supporting structure form a system that in means of construction
as well as in means of design create an impressive apperance of the new terminal.