Terminal interior design

Over the work on the international terminal, WP I ARC proposed an interior design concept. We would like to show one of the variants as an example of a seamless space filled with light.

The terminal building is narrow and located along the landside area while the height of the inner rooms is relatively low. Therefore, we aimed to make the space visually softer and to fill it with light and air. Above the central hall, we added the skylight to provide natural lighting. Under the skylight, there is a sheer lattice installation in a waveform that diffuses the light and has an artistic function.

The second level gallery is accompanied by the parametric fencing of wooden lamellae, which conceal the level difference and acts as an art object. The vertical linear lighting is allocated between lamellas and supported by a rhythmical raw on the third level ceiling. All materials have light tones, and the parametric fencing with a warm wooden texture adds cosines to the central hall.