Metro station – Terekhovo(Moscou) – Competition

The planned Terekhovo subway station is located on the loop of the Moscow River. The area has a suburban character and historical background while spatially it belongs to one of the Moscow districts Khoroshevo-Mnevniki. Due to the expected increase in population density the construction of the new subway station of Big Circle Line is planned here. It impacts the transformation of the landscape character, and the picturesque green sparsely inhabitant land tends to be developed as an urban area.

Considering the existing territorial context, our project suggests the construction of the contemporary transportation facility that still reflects the existing identity. The modern interpretation of the suburban landscape corresponds to the progressive concept of the Big Circle Line development. The interior design provides an opportunity to feel the natural environment by integrating the patterns of river and forest. The vertically oriented lamellas reflect the rhythm of trees’ stems while the smooth river crooks are replicated in their curved section. The lighting located between lamellas remind the sunbursts breaking through the branch woods while the diffused glow fills the space with the sense of freedom.